Leadership Mistakes

I Have No Time and Tons of Stress

Axel Meierhoefer asked: Does this sound familiar to you? In many of my consultations and coaching sessions, I hear people say this exact thing. Some claim that they don’t have any time to change or add any more tasks to their already overflowing list. Others say they are so stressed out as it is that […]

Traits of a Leader

How to be a Great Manager

Ed Oakley asked: There are several traits that are vitally important for managers to develop and exhibit in order to be great manager, but in today’s world, the most important trait that a manager must success to be a great manager is leadership. In fact, without leadership skills and qualities, a manager will struggle to […]

Leadership Styles

10 Ways to Beef Up Your Leadership Skills

Megan Tough asked: Have you ever heard someone say, “Actually, I have to admit that I think I am really bad at managing other people. My staff all hate me and I’m incapable of doing my job”.  The answer is no, of course. No one says this either because they don’t believe it, or because […]

Problem Solving

Buying Decisions are not Based on Needs

Sharon Drew Morgen asked: As professionals, you have the tools to assess whether or not a prospect is a good risk for buying your product: you know the type of problem best suited to your product and the signs of ‘need’; you ask good questions, analyze needs with a keen eye and ear; create presentations […]

Defining Leadership

The Ten Commandments of Leadership

Gary Crow asked: There are many behaviors and approaches that enhance your ability to work successfully with people, especially if you are in management or supervision. As you know, they also work well within families, with your friends, and as you participate in your community. You know to avoid dealing with people in win/lose terms, […]

Women in Leadership

5 Steps to Improving Your Confidence Around Women

Alex Coulson asked:   When girls say guys should just be themselves what does this mean? Confidence around women is a skill that can be learned just like riding a bike. Below are some general but powerful tips. There simplicity is often overlooked. Biggest Mistakes Guys Make Around Women: Capitulate to Women’s Whims : “Yes […]

Improving Team performance

Improve Football Performance: Self Hypnosis to Help With Football

J Seymour asked: The ability to improve football performance rests your subconscious. It doesn’t matter if you play for the NFL, a college team or in your backyard. Your improvement in your ability to improve last minute with great speed can prove to be a benchmark for you as a performer. Improving Improvisation You can […]

Feedback and Rewards

Is it Love or Control? How Love and Control May Influence our Destiny

James LeValley asked: We all find ourselves in the situation of being the controller or the one who is controlled. Either scenario is one where we are not in control of ourselves because if we are the controller, we may feel inadequate and need to control somebody to raise our self-worth. If you allow someone […]

Transformational Leadership

Emotional Intelligence: an Inside-out Job

Byron Stock asked: intelligence is your ability, either innate or learned, to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others. Using this information, you can make better decisions about what to say or do (or not say or do) in any given situation. The Emotional Intelligence (EI) competencies fall into two […]

Leadership Mistakes

Leadership: Giving Others Space to Grow

Dennis Harting asked: Have you ever noticed that people have a tendency to “crowd” others? They do it with their employees. The same thing occurs with their children. Their need to be in control is too powerful to resist. They lack total confidence in other people’s ability to learn and grow. Whether we are referring […]