Micro Management

7 Tips On How To Deal With Difficult Clients

Doug Brown asked: We deal with people on a day to day basis and no two are the same. Some are easy to deal with while others need kid gloves and yet others drive you up the wall. If you are working, you are sure to encounter all kinds of clients as well. Some are […]

Defining Leadership

The Ten Commandments of Leadership

Gary Crow asked: There are many behaviors and approaches that enhance your ability to work successfully with people, especially if you are in management or supervision. As you know, they also work well within families, with your friends, and as you participate in your community. You know to avoid dealing with people in win/lose terms, […]

Communicating as a Leader

Excerpt From The Art Of Managing: Serving Others And The Community

Jane Treber Macken asked: In the workplace, you see very smart people who never actually “make it” in supervision or management. Often, the reason is that even with all their knowledge, they cannot relate to other people, including motivating others and getting them on their side. They do not possess the sense of community, the […]

Leadership Styles

Team Leadership Training: Recipe for Leadership

Akhil Shahani asked: Whoever believes that leaders are born and not made, never heard of team leadership training. Companies spend millions of dollars each year coaching managers to become better leaders of people. Why is team leadership training so important, and what can one hope to gain by participating in such a program? Who needs […]

Traits of a Leader

Attributes of Quality Managers

Court Tuttle asked: In today’s society the world needs highly capable people who can do incredible things. There are many different kinds of institutions, but the need for people who are willing and qualified to lead and help others to accomplish important tasks is the same. Leadership requires so many different characteristics and qualities, but […]

Leadership Mistakes

The Delegation of Authority

Sean McPhcat asked: As a manager, you’re in a unique position. Delegation of authority is often the most difficult concept for most new managers to grasp. I know because I had trouble with the idea myself. I was used to completing all of my tasks on my own and was overly cautious and unsure about […]


Johnny Wimbrey – it takes TEAM WORK to make DREAM WORKS

Irene Rexlee asked: While it all fine too follow the principle of ‘try and try harder’, if you truly wish to succeed then it is crucial that you train your brain accordingly. Training your brain is not difficult; most people can do that with no trouble at all. The ‘problem’ is that before you can […]