Use Hypnosis to Conquer Fear and Achieve Success

Steve Tallamy asked: I often talk about freedom from fear bringing you success but I want to impress upon you that this is such an important topic in the art of self development that I want to tell you more. Recently I listened to a short interview between Mike Litman, one of my mentors and […]

Improving Team performance

Improve Football Performance: Self Hypnosis to Help With Football

J Seymour asked: The ability to improve football performance rests your subconscious. It doesn’t matter if you play for the NFL, a college team or in your backyard. Your improvement in your ability to improve last minute with great speed can prove to be a benchmark for you as a performer. Improving Improvisation You can […]

Leadership Mistakes

How to Learn from Your Leadership Mistakes

Steven Sonsino asked: We learn most from our mistakes. It’s true. But problems occur for us when we forget this. Or when we deliberately deny that we made a mistake. And – if we’re honest – most of us do this, from time to time. So in this article I want to share with you […]