Leadership Styles : Transformational Leadership

Leadership Styles : Transformational Leadership 

Transformational leaders go beyond trying to keep individuals and teams performing at the status quo. A transformational leader is one who has the power to bring about change in team members and the organization as a whole.

Plain English : transformational leader is capable of bringing about change in individuals and entire organizations, often helping troubled organizations turn around their performance.

Characteristics of a Transformational Leader

Transformational leaders distinguish themselves through the following characteristics:

  • Charisma.  
    A transformational leader is one who has a clear vision for the organization and can easily communicate that vision to group members.
  • Confidence.  
    A transformational leader has a good business sense and is able to see what decisions will positively affect the organization. This enables the leader to act confidently, inspiring trust in team members.
  • Respect and loyalty.  
    A transformational leader inspires respect and loyalty in individuals by taking the time to let them know they are important.
  • Expressive praise.  
    A transformational leader is often expressive in praising individuals and the team on a job well done. Letting people know how much they contributed to one success will steel them for future challenges.
  • Inspiration.  
    A transformational leader is a master at helping people to do something they weren’t sure they were capable of doing. This is achieved through praise and encouraging statements.

When This Style Works Best

Transformational leadership is the ideal style of leadership to use when you need to drastically improve the performance of an individual, group, or organization.

The Downside

Transformational leadership can be a particularly draining style of management. You are responsible for the vision and the means of accomplishing that vision. The transformational leader is also somewhat of a gambler, betting that his or her vision is the right one.