Leadership Mistakes

I Have No Time and Tons of Stress

Axel Meierhoefer asked: Does this sound familiar to you? In many of my consultations and coaching sessions, I hear people say this exact thing. Some claim that they don’t have any time to change or add any more tasks to their already overflowing list. Others say they are so stressed out as it is that […]

Problem Solving

" I Don't Have Anyone to Coach." and Other Myths?

Matt Somers asked: Are these statements coaching truths or coaching myths? You decide. “Everything’s fine we don’t really have any problems and so we don’t need any coaching.” Many people believe that coaching is about putting wrong things right. They would argue that things must be pretty poor in the organization if it needs armies […]

Transformational Leadership

Strategies for Success: Offsite Team Building

Daiv Russell asked: Janet was a manager for an insurance company and she complained, “We don’t work together as a team!” Larry, her human resources consultant said, “Everyone just seems to do their own thing, they don’t share information, don’t try to help each other, and just don’t seem to care about anyone else’s problems. […]


The 3 Steps To Business Success

Ingrid Cliff asked: Today I am about to let you into a secret. A secret that will help transform your business. It is something that all business coaches and business development people know and teach and it is something that all successful businesses do. And the best part of all it is (on the surface) […]