Here is a Quick Way for New Managers to be Successful by Sharing Information

Andrew Rondeau asked: We can share many different things with others, such as material things, money and time, but one of the easiest and most useful things we can share are thoughts and ideas. New managers have a tendency to hold onto knowledge and information thinking it will make them look good or indispensable. It […]

Problem Solving

Buying Decisions are not Based on Needs

Sharon Drew Morgen asked: As professionals, you have the tools to assess whether or not a prospect is a good risk for buying your product: you know the type of problem best suited to your product and the signs of ‘need’; you ask good questions, analyze needs with a keen eye and ear; create presentations […]

Leadership Mistakes

Some of the Most Important Leadership Qualities to Watch

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate human minds to achieve the desired objectives.  In order to lead, it is imperative that one should have certain leadership qualities.  A leader is one who leads by example; he walks the talk.  His every word and his every action should convey certain […]