Non Standard Leadership Techniques

6 Tips For Your First Jab At Creative Writing

Mario R. Churchill asked: The world of creative writing is an ever expanding one as stories or genres continue to evolve in a natural reaction to the changes in time. Having confirmed writing skills, however, is not enough to succeed in creative writing. Having passion for it is more important than having technical expertise. Love […]


Raise Your Elevator Speech To The Top Floor With Powerful Emotions

Michael Clark asked: If your elevator speech sparks a buyer’s curiosity, it’s only doing half the job. Your elevator speech should not only spark curiosity but also awaken powerful emotions. Small business owners can learn success from the Madison Avenue and branding experts about how to design advertisements and messages that drive consumers to feel […]

Communicating as a Leader

MLM Training – 29 Characteristics of an MLM Leader

Tim Sales asked: Having trouble getting your downline to be motivated, productive and follow your guidance and suggestions? Here’s 29 proven actions successful MLM leaders do, written by a leader with a downline of 56,000 people. 1. A network marketing leader doesn’t wait until he/she gets a large group before becoming a leader. It can’t […]

Traits of a Leader

You are a Nucleus

William Frank Diedrich asked: An ego centered leader strives to be the center of attention. His goal is to get what he can from the people around him. The focus of the ego is always on getting what it thinks it doesn’t have. A leader who is capable of transcending ego needs, realizes that she […]

Leadership Styles

Classic Leadership Styles

Martin Haworth asked: Much has been said over the years about leadership styles. Yet research into the best and most practical overview leads to the easiest conclusion (there will always be variables on these, as well as mixes of them), are that there are four distinct leadership styles. With one to avoid as well! 1. […]

Feedback and Rewards

Team Work and Jigsaw

CD Mohatta asked: All of us talk of team work. Sports thrive on teams. Every business wants to develop winning teams. Every president or prime minister brings his own team. What is there in teams? A team is needed because a lone person can not handle all the work. So one gathers different experts, creates […]

Women in Leadership

Five Simple Ways to be a Hit at the Company Holiday Party

Jennifer Selby Long asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Jennifer Selby Long In the US and Europe, in November and December, we find ourselves with the corporate holiday party season upon us. Corporate holiday parties are one of the weirdest hybrids of work and play that I have ever experienced. They’re a veritable minefield in which, if […]