Traits of a Leader

You are a Nucleus

William Frank Diedrich asked:

An ego centered leader strives to be the center of attention. His goal is to get what he can from the people around him. The focus of the ego is always on getting what it thinks it doesn’t have. A leader who is capable of transcending ego needs, realizes that she already is a center, a nucleus from which radiates her power. Influence is her power and it does not come from a mindset of getting. It comes from a mindset of giving.

As Jim Collins describes in Good To Great, a great leader practices both the mirror and the window. When things go wrong, he looks in the mirror at himself. He takes full responsibility and refuses to blame. When things go well, he looks out the window at others, generously giving them the credit. A powerful leader always looks at relationships and situations from a perspective of: “What am I giving to this situation?”

Charisma is the least important trait of a truly great leader. Substance is more important. Great leaders empower others to be leaders. They lead with a strong sense of purpose, with vision, values, and the intention to create success for everyone. They see that they are connected to everyone else, and that everything they do and say has a ripple effect. Every word and every action sends a message, and collectively, the messages become the culture of the organization.

You are a nucleus, and the consciousness you bring to your work, your family, and your friends has an effect. The effect is determined by the level of appreciation you hold for yourself and others. The effect is determined by the strength of your intentions. If it is your intent to help both the group and individuals to reach their potentials, then that will be your effect. Your energy will flow toward creating success. If your intent is to correct everyone’s mistakes, then you will encourage more mistakes. What you focus on will expand.

You are a nucleus, and you give what is inside you. If you have joy and a belief in people to succeed, you will give that. If you carry resentment, fear, or blaming, you will give that. You will reap what you sow. You will receive what you give. What are you giving to the people around you today–your joy, your smile,

your positive intent, your compassion, your blessing, your desire to help, your forgiveness, your vision for their success? Do not underestimate your power. Power is not something you have to get. You already have it. You are a nucleus, and who you are creates a ripple effect, influencing others with your strength.

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