Feedback and Rewards

Team Work and Jigsaw

CD Mohatta asked: All of us talk of team work. Sports thrive on teams. Every business wants to develop winning teams. Every president or prime minister brings his own team. What is there in teams? A team is needed because a lone person can not handle all the work. So one gathers different experts, creates […]

Transformational Leadership

Evaluating Your Team Building Activities

Brett Danielson asked: Team building has become one of the newest buzz words in the corporate lexicon. In fact, for at least the last decade surveys of business leaders in every industry have shown that the prime characteristic they look for in new hires is the ability to work with a team. And why not? […]

Leadership Styles

What's Your Management Style?

SEAN MCPHEAT asked: All in all there are 6 managerial styles. Now what I am not saying is that there are any right or wrong answers here. You as a leader need to adopt the right style to fit the situation and the person. But what I am saying is that some styles are better […]

Leadership Mistakes

When the Game is Fun, the Goals Get Done

Mark Ford asked: When I wrote recently about the Top 10 Qualities of Your Next Winning Goal, I never expected to hear so much feedback about quality #1 – FUN. “Goals should be fun?” some of you asked. And, “what’s all this talk about a game?” People were both surprised and delighted to see that […]