Calculating the Probability and Possibility of Success of an Investment

Paul Dubsky asked: The probability of a specific outcome and presumption that the outcome result is measured in terms of the odds is fine providing the odds are the true odds. The odds are numbers designed to show, what the speculator will receive for his outlay when betting on a certain event. It does not […]

Traits of a Leader

Is the Organization Managed or Led?©

William Truax asked: This is a really important question these days since the understanding of management and leadership has gotten so distorted that the terms are used synonymously. The result is that most managers think they are leaders when they definitely are not. So what is the difference and why is it important? There is […]

Feedback and Rewards

Team Work and Jigsaw

CD Mohatta asked: All of us talk of team work. Sports thrive on teams. Every business wants to develop winning teams. Every president or prime minister brings his own team. What is there in teams? A team is needed because a lone person can not handle all the work. So one gathers different experts, creates […]