Communicating as a Leader

How to Make Your Relationship a Happily Ever After Story

Sharron Nixon asked: ally, you can’t expect happily ever after to be brought to you via a magic wand. But having the perfect relationship doesn’t mean you have to take a leaf out of the drab, dull and boring book. A happy and long term relationship can be very attainable, lasting well past the over-glorified […]

Defining Leadership

Great Leaders display the 3Cs and 2Ps; Simple but Universal

Joel Chue asked: For those of you who harbor bold dreams of becoming a leader with a mission of realizing your vision, we now seek to inculcate in you the 5 essential components that make up a vision. I call it the 3Cs and 2Ps. The first and arguably most important C would be Clarity. […]

Traits of a Leader

You are a Nucleus

William Frank Diedrich asked: An ego centered leader strives to be the center of attention. His goal is to get what he can from the people around him. The focus of the ego is always on getting what it thinks it doesn’t have. A leader who is capable of transcending ego needs, realizes that she […]

Leadership Styles

Effective Leadership: the Key to Overcoming Organizational Apathy

David Byrd asked: The only true measure of leadership quality is effectiveness. Effective leaders are consistent, they know what works, and they know what doesn’t. As a result, they foster positive and creative work environments, deliver measurable and sustainable results, and maintain the ethical integrity of the workplace. Effective leaders are aware of their personal, […]

Leadership Mistakes

Don't Ruin your Reputation With a Small Mistake

Axel Meierhoefer asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Axel Meierhoefer This article focuses on the importance of trust in business. I did some research and found the following: In the social sciences, the subtleties of trust are a subject of ongoing research. In sociology the degree to which one party trusts another is a measure of belief […]