Traits of a Leader

Using Natural Effectiveness" to Sustain Strategic Momentum

Gayla Hodges asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Gayla Hodges Natural Effectiveness” revolves around your personal traits and characteristics. If we can measure how you work most efficiently and effectively (and we can), and then focus leadership around those characteristics and strengths, amazing things can happen. This is the core of our Natural Effectiveness” philosophy. It is […]


Here is a Quick Way for New Managers to be Successful by Sharing Information

Andrew Rondeau asked: We can share many different things with others, such as material things, money and time, but one of the easiest and most useful things we can share are thoughts and ideas. New managers have a tendency to hold onto knowledge and information thinking it will make them look good or indispensable. It […]

Leadership Mistakes

Network Marketing- the Top 5 Mistakes That Newbies Make

Michael Hutchins asked: When a person first gets involved with mlm, they are bombarded with all kinds of information on how to be successful. Most of the tips involve strategies for success. Unfortunately, much of the information is “putting the cart in front of the horse”. Many of the mistakes network marketers make are made […]

Feedback and Rewards

Sales Team Psychology

Kurt Mortensen asked: Goal setting is powerful way of keeping sales psychology on the up-and-up. We all know that goals dictate future performance by giving team members a sense of purpose and direction. I can think of nothing less motivating than not knowing why I’ve been asked to do something. Instill in your team members […]