Conflict Resolution

Various Ways of Settling Business Disputes With Los Angeles Attorneys

Melvin Magadia asked: Disputes and conflicts can emerge from your business whether it is against a partner, distributor, client, or employee. If left unresolved, these may have a lasting stain on your business relationship. Depending on the degree and kind of dispute, there are various ways of managing and solving business problems. It is vital […]

Defining Leadership

A Leadership Tool to Encourage Thinking Outside the Box

Andrew Cox asked: Thinking outside the box is a critical PersonalSkill – one that will make the difference between success or failure. The real critical leadership skill is accessing the thinking of others to help see what possibilities lie outside the box  outside the individual world of thoughts and beliefs and biases. Try this […]

Communicating as a Leader

Better Communication Skills — for Better Leaders

Tom O\’Dea asked: Introduction   The challenge of better communication skills has spawned books, seminars and many a consulting company.   How can it be addressed in a short article like this?   Treat this, and other articles like it, as a tip.  This is a brief education in a couple of important aspects of effective […]

Feedback and Rewards

Sales Team Psychology

Kurt Mortensen asked: Goal setting is powerful way of keeping sales psychology on the up-and-up. We all know that goals dictate future performance by giving team members a sense of purpose and direction. I can think of nothing less motivating than not knowing why I’ve been asked to do something. Instill in your team members […]