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Network Marketing- the Top 5 Mistakes That Newbies Make

Michael Hutchins asked:

When a person first gets involved with mlm, they are bombarded with all kinds of information on how to be successful. Most of the tips involve strategies for success. Unfortunately, much of the information is “putting the cart in front of the horse”. Many of the mistakes network marketers make are made before they join a company. This article will reveal the 5 most common mistakes.

Without a doubt, the #1 mistake made by new network marketers is choosing the wrong sponsor. Often times, new distributors have no idea what attributes a quality sponsor should have. Before signing on with ANY sponsor, new people should screen many different sponsor candidates. If possible, talk to some of the new distributors in the downlines of some of these sponsors. Prepare a list of questions, which may help reveal the distributor’s experience with the potential sponsor and the mlm company.

Mistake#2– Failing to read the terms and conditions of your selected company. If the terms and conditions are as long as “War And Peace”, be very concerned. They were probably written by smart attorneys that have the company’s interests in mind, and not your interests!

Mistake#3– Joining a company that features leadership that is inexperienced in network marketing. This can be “the kiss of death” for the future of an mlm company. If the people running the business, have no experience in the “trenches”, it will be almost impossible for them to make decisions that are sensitive to the needs of distributors in the field. In these situations, policies are based purely on “numbers”, not on human factors. Numbers do not make successful businesses, people do!

Mistake#4– Joining an mlm company that only offers one product. This is particularly risky if the company has no concrete plans for adding additional products. The network marketing industry is far too competitive for a company to rely on one product. Customers have a tendency to switch to the “latest and greatest” thing . Make sure the product that your company offers is consumable, and in need of replacement on a scheduled basis.

Mistake#5– This mistake is huge! Never join a company that relies on “old-school” marketing methods. These include making a “names” list, setting up parties and meetings, calling purchased mlm leads, etc. etc. The strategies are highly ineffective, and have much to do with the large attrition rate in network marketing. Attraction marketing has taken the mlm world by storm, as this form of marketing tends to “attract” prospects to a distributor. Renegade University is a FREE members only site that trains students in all forms of attraction marketing.Superb step-by-step video tutorials train students in video marketing, article marketing, email marketing, and marketing to the Web 2.0 communities. Check out Renegade University now!

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