Strategies for Success: Offsite Team Building

Daiv Russell asked: Janet was a manager for an insurance company and she complained, “We don’t work together as a team!” Larry, her human resources consultant said, “Everyone just seems to do their own thing, they don’t share information, don’t try to help each other, and just don’t seem to care about anyone else’s problems. […]

Leadership Mistakes

Don't Ruin your Reputation With a Small Mistake

Axel Meierhoefer asked: Copyright (c) 2008 Axel Meierhoefer This article focuses on the importance of trust in business. I did some research and found the following: In the social sciences, the subtleties of trust are a subject of ongoing research. In sociology the degree to which one party trusts another is a measure of belief […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Music Business Success: Increasing Creativity

David Hooper asked: As you ponder your goal and determine the best course to achieve it, you will need some creative ways of thinking and facing challenges that will arise. The most creative-thinkers out there will encourage you to think outside your box and to consider even the wildest of ideas. One way to do […]

Micro Management

Time Management Is Supposed To Reduce Stress!

Janice Ferrante asked: Speaking as a time management junkie… someone who has become obsessed through necessity and habit, with wringing “something” out of every spare minute… oops, did I say spare minute? I don’t have any of those since I became a time management junkie, I meant to say obsessed with wringing something out of […]