Feedback and Rewards

Keeping Your MLM Team Motivated

Jeff Flow asked: One motivating another to achieve success is completely a wrong idea. The truth is one can’t motivate a different person. Motivation solely depends on a particular individual. We, along with a large number of trainers, simply waste our time to ‘teach’ motivation to our MLM team! This motivation doesn’t at all put […]

Transformational Leadership

How to Handle the Coming Power Shift

Alien asked: You’ve probably wondered how in the world managers like yourself are going to accomplish all these difficult innovations. The ideas may make sense, but how will you restructure today’s bureaucracies into market systems? Unite diverse interest groups into a political coalition? Reorient sales to serving people? Organize work teams that manage themselves? Transform […]

Leadership Mistakes

How to Help Others be Their Best in Network Marketing

William Winch asked: The selfless acts of helping people achieve their dreams in Network Marketing often go unnoticed as we work on a day to day basis. Those with the mindset of a leader know exactly what to do with people they are leading. They understand the art and science of building confidence in others. […]