Feedback and Rewards

My Customers Are Loyal Can I Keep It That Way

David Mclauchlan asked: What is a customer: The persons or group that are the direct beneficiaries of a project or service – the people for whom the project is being undertaken. (Indirect beneficiaries are probably stakeholders.) If the persons or group are internal within your company, TenStep refers to them as “clients”. If they are […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Creative Marketing to Ensure Success as an Affiliate

Antony Babington asked: If you have an Internet business you may be wondering how you can you’re your visitors to stay on your website. It’s really frustrating isn’t it, they land, stay for fifteen seconds and are off again before they have time to click on your link and spend any money. In order to […]

Leadership Mistakes

How to Help Others be Their Best in Network Marketing

William Winch asked: The selfless acts of helping people achieve their dreams in Network Marketing often go unnoticed as we work on a day to day basis. Those with the mindset of a leader know exactly what to do with people they are leading. They understand the art and science of building confidence in others. […]