Conflict Resolution

What is Unity?

Julie Redstone asked: Today, in America, the call to unity has become louder and more vocal, emblazoned upon the banner of current presidential political campaigns, and awakening within the heart a feeling of hope and of striving. Unity moves with the new vibration of spiritual light that is arriving. But what is unity? There are […]

Improving Team performance

Team Building Activities for Small and Medium-sized Groups

Anirban Bhattacharya asked:   A company cannot get success until and unless its teams are not performing at the desired level. Effective team building activities contribute a lot towards fulfilling the set goals and making cordial relationship among co-workers. Even, the large corporations need to enhance their team productivity in order to build a fortune […]

Communicating as a Leader

Excerpt From The Art Of Managing: Serving Others And The Community

Jane Treber Macken asked: In the workplace, you see very smart people who never actually “make it” in supervision or management. Often, the reason is that even with all their knowledge, they cannot relate to other people, including motivating others and getting them on their side. They do not possess the sense of community, the […]