Traits of a Leader

Attributes of Quality Managers

Court Tuttle asked:

In today’s society the world needs highly capable people who can do incredible things. There are many different kinds of institutions, but the need for people who are willing and qualified to lead and help others to accomplish important tasks is the same. Leadership requires so many different characteristics and qualities, but there are many character traits that most leaders in the world have in common.

Among most companies, many business leaders need to hire someone to watch over the workings of the business and to also provide supervision for the workers. Entrepreneurs should hire someone who will best fit the company and bring the most profit possible to everyone within the business.

Selecting someone who could be a high quality manager is quite a scary process for all people. The type of manager that a business owner eventually hires will largely determine whether or not a company will be successful or unfortunately fail. Business owners must be very careful and wise with the selection of a high quality manager for their business.

A great person or any leader that will bring growth to a company should be extremely competent in his or profession, very knowledgeable and up to date with the new programs of regulating the every day affairs of a business. The manager should also be highly motivated, self driven, and have a strong desire to help the company become highly profitable and successful. In the end, a quality manager will want to help the company grow to its highest potential and will do anything to help achieve that possible status.

Another crucial quality that a leader should have is the trait of ingenuity. If a leader has the ability of creating new plans and programs, they will have a greater impact on the growth of the company and will be more self-driven to help the entire need of the business. This also provides the business owners more freedom to do their own work and not worry so much about keeping a close watch over the manager.

The less time that an owner has to watch out for the actions of a manager, the more time he or she will have to improve the affairs of the company as a whole. A high quality manager should be very independent, but also humble and willing to seek the advice and instructions from people of higher positions.

One of the most important parts about hiring a high quality manager is the essential need for a proper balance in the person’s character. If the manager belongs to one extreme or the other, there exists a great imbalance that causes many problems to arise in the company and with the employees. They should not be too strict nor too casual, but somewhere right in the middle.

Hiring someone with a great balance in life who will supervise the regulations of your business can be a very difficult task, but after much hard work and dedication, finding and hiring such a person is possible. This will make such a big difference in the success of the company.


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