Johnny Wimbrey – it takes TEAM WORK to make DREAM WORKS

Irene Rexlee asked:

While it all fine too follow the principle of ‘try and try harder’, if you truly wish to succeed then it is crucial that you train your brain accordingly. Training your brain is not difficult; most people can do that with no trouble at all. The ‘problem’ is that before you can begin this training you will have to take a long hard look inside yourself and most people end up not liking what they see there. You will have to know what you think about yourself, something much more difficult than looking in a mirror to see how you look on the outside, and whether these thoughts and opinions are standing between you and your success. Such is the power of the human mind and this is well displayed through the history of Johnny Wimbrey.

Johnny Wimbrey’s story has inspired countless people to strive for such an inner self-examination to overcome their adversity and achieve success. This story is told in his book, ‘From The Hood To Doing Good’.

Johnny grew up living in a women’s shelter, a battered establishment, where he grew up as a tough street kid and became a drug dealer at a young age. It was a rough life and Johnny had a few near-death experiences before he decided that he ought to do something in order to make himself a better future than the one looming in front of him.

The first step involved Johnny in becoming a temporary licensed insurance agent at the age of twenty. It took a mere six months before Johnny was given recognition for being among the top 50 agents in the national marketing agency. In the following two years, Johnny went from Senior Agent to District Manager, from there to Regional Manager before he became the Regional VP and his duties involved the supervision of Texas and Oklahoma business. By this time Johnny was teaching experienced regional mangers how to recruit and mange. He was also teaching sales techniques to other national agencies.

Finally, Johnny decided that his skills were better used if he put them to a higher purpose. He did this by using his passion to help other people experience financial and spiritual wealth.

At present, he is working as an International Training Director for Success University. His goal is to help everyone to overcome their limitations and get ahead to reach the life they have always dreamt of.

Johnny Wimbrey is a very motivational speaker who gives global conferences. And I will always remember his one word to us from his local Seminar on the 17/18 November.

It takes the TEAM WORK to make the DREAM WORK


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