Use Hypnosis to Conquer Fear and Achieve Success

Steve Tallamy asked: I often talk about freedom from fear bringing you success but I want to impress upon you that this is such an important topic in the art of self development that I want to tell you more. Recently I listened to a short interview between Mike Litman, one of my mentors and […]

Leadership Styles

The "Right" Approach to Running an Organization

Carl Hoffman asked: In my last edition of leadership we dealt with selection of leadership style, based on individual and organizational variables. Another way to look at leadership is to consider how it is used. We will now explore the leader’s selection of the “right” approach to running an organization. One way to deal with […]

Leadership Mistakes

Five Steps To Christian Leadership

Mike Fletcher asked: Whether a Bible teacher, a small group leader or the facilitator of a Sunday School class, Christian leadership brings lots of challenges. We all get tired. Most Christian leaders are volunteers, meaning they have “day jobs” and family responsibilities and jam-packed schedules. But God intends your service and leadership to be joyful. […]

Communicating as a Leader

Assertive Communication

Dennis Heath asked: e most common areas for development that arises when coaching executives is the need for more assertiveness. The problem is that "assertive" is often confused with "aggressive" or dictatorial. Those that subscribe to an aggressive style to produce results may well deliver the goods in the short term. However, over the long […]