Use Hypnosis to Conquer Fear and Achieve Success

Steve Tallamy asked:

I often talk about freedom from fear bringing you success but I want to impress upon you that this is such an important topic in the art of self development that I want to tell you more. Recently I listened to a short interview between Mike Litman, one of my mentors and Christine Schapp one of his many successful students and some fascinating insights of how Christine conquered her own fears to achieve success. I would like to tell you here what I took out of this great little interview.

To achieve success you have to do the following;

Embrace your fears, get uncomfortable with them, and then conquer them to become comfortable. Get in the habit of dealing with your fears. Understand that your fears are also those of others and by conquering them you can help others to do the same. Remember that fears are only a state of mind. Re-live times when you have had success by conquering a fear and hang on to that moment as a tool to conquering even more fears.

Mike and Christine cover these points better than I can this article but let me share with you how hypnosis can help you achieve the last two points in the above list. By using self hypnosis you can take your subconscious mind back to the times when you have achieved success. Times when you have been in the flow and everything has seemed so easy to you. Everyone has had these moments and it does not matter how small a thing it was you that achieved.

A lot of small successes give you a lot more positive mind sets to hang too, the more your subconscious mind has to work on. Learning to ride a bike, swimming your first length in the pool, making your first speech, writing your first article or passing your driving test. These are all successes for you to use in conquering the new fears you meet on your way to even more success. To help you to put your own self hypnosis programme together write a list of everything that you were once afraid of doing but now holds no fear for you and has become second nature to you. Use that list to tell you and your subconscious mind how easy conquering fear can be.

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