Conflict Resolution

How to Make Mid Year Resolutions

Jeremy Nelms asked: o Mid-Year 2008! Like most people, you probably made several resolutions back in January, with hopes and aspirations of making 2008 your best year EVER! You were gung-ho for the first several weeks, maybe even the first several months. You were bound and determined to follow through on your goals this year; […]

Traits of a Leader

Is the Organization Managed or Led?©

William Truax asked: This is a really important question these days since the understanding of management and leadership has gotten so distorted that the terms are used synonymously. The result is that most managers think they are leaders when they definitely are not. So what is the difference and why is it important? There is […]

Feedback and Rewards

101 Powerful Ways To Inspire, Motivate And Energize Your Team

Kurt Mortensen asked: Anytime you’re in a leadership position, you are faced with the question of how best to motivate those who work under you. There are countless philosophies and ideas out there, all claiming to be exactly what you need. The Foundation of Teambuilding The truth is, there is no one perfect answer. Moreover, […]


The 4 Steps of Traditional Success Programs

Noah St. John asked: I’m about to save you thousands of dollars, years of your life, and tons of frustration. How? I’m going to show you the 4 basic steps of traditional success programs. There are really only 4 steps that traditional “how to succeed’ programs show you. They are: 1. Set your goals (know […]

Transformational Leadership

Team Building Events Help Put the “i” Back in Team

Rhonda Grizzard asked: Show me a person who says there is no “I” in team and I’ll show you a person who has never been a part of a productive, close-knit, supportive team: odds are it’s the same person. “THERE IS NO I IN TEAM”… For years (don’t ask how many) people having been throwing […]