Communicating as a Leader

The Unlimited Power Of Communication Skills

Abhishek Agarwal asked: Good communication is important in every area of your life. Misunderstandings are only a result of poor communication, and can often cause people hurt and misery. In today’s fast paced world, nobody has the time to listen to explanation, and a misunderstanding can mean a ruin of reputation. Imagine it could even […]

Leadership Mistakes

Leadership Tips — Teach Customer Service

Tom O\’Dea asked: If you believe that one of the primary roles of a leader is to teach those that you lead; and if you believe that your reputation for customer service can be the difference in your success or lack thereof; then it stands to reason that as a leader, you should be teaching […]


How to Sell Your Own Homemade Manuals, Booklets and Audio CDS

Mike Moore asked: Last month I sat beside a successful insurance sales person at a wedding reception. He told me he was very successful in sales and that he had a formula for success that allowed him to achieve a high level income and corresponding lifestyle. He also said that he would be retiring in […]