How to Sell Your Own Homemade Manuals, Booklets and Audio CDS

Mike Moore asked:

Last month I sat beside a successful insurance sales person at a wedding reception. He told me he was very successful in sales and that he had a formula for success that allowed him to achieve a high level income and corresponding lifestyle.

He also said that he would be retiring in a couple of years and was concerned that he would become restless after the initial excitement of retirement faded. I asked him if he ever thought of writing a manual outlining his success formula and selling it online and offline to people in the insurance business.

He could also give presentations to other sales people on how to apply the ideas outlined in his manual or booklet to their professional lives. He said he had never thought of either option but was definitely interested in finding out more about them.

Here is what I told him.

* There are literally thousands of people out there with a wealth of accumulated knowledge and information at their fingertips. Very few do anything with that knowledge to earn extra income or build their reputation as an expert.

* There are thousands who are hungry to hear what you have learned over your career.

* There is huge money in sharing your knowledge and expertise either in writing and/or giving speeches.

* If you have given great presentations in the past why not continue doing it on your own time for very impressive fees using your writing as the foundation for your talk? If speaking terrifies you then just sell your know-how via homemade booklets or audio CDS.

* You begin by taking a problem that you know exists and needs solving within your industry or area of expertise and then offering solutions to that problem.

You write the solutions out in a manual or special report and then offer your information product for sale using existing related publications to advertise in.

At the same time you make it known within your profession or special interest community and in your manual that you are available to conduct seminars and workshops on the topic.

Accept every invitation to speak that comes your way. As the word spreads about your

style and the effectiveness of your message in solving a specific problem you soon become known as an expert in the field and requests for you to speak start pouring in.

* Stay within the industry or special interest group you know well. It is better to be a big fish in a smaller pond so to speak.

Who can benefit from writing and selling their homemade manuals/booklets and improving their public speaking skills and offering them to the marketplace for great fees?

* people with a hobby or passion

* retired people who need to stay involved and earn extra money

* fishermen/ women

* health care workers ( nurses, chiropractors, doctors, alternative health care providers)

* teachers

* human resource consultants

* financial planners

* stay at home Moms and Dads

* business managers / office managers/ supervisors

* writers

* consultants

* auto mechanics

* trades people

* social workers

The list is endless. Anyone who relates well to people and has a certain expertise and special knowledge can earn fantastic money writing and selling homemade booklets and manuals and giving speeches on the topic of their choice and interest.

* You can also put your expertise on an audio CD and sell it online and off for a great price.

* When you give a presentation you can sell your manual/CD/booklet as a back of the room product after each talk. I frequently make as much money selling my information products after my speeches as I make giving the speech.

If you know or can do something interesting to show people how to …

Make Money

Save Money

Save Time

Start a Hobby

Get Healthy

Sell more effectively


There is a world out there willing to pay for a booklet or CD on the subject.

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