Communicating as a Leader

The Unlimited Power Of Communication Skills

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Good communication is important in every area of your life. Misunderstandings are only a result of poor communication, and can often cause people hurt and misery. In today’s fast paced world, nobody has the time to listen to explanation, and a misunderstanding can mean a ruin of reputation. Imagine it could even mean death at the wrong time. This may seem a little far-fetched, but have you ever tried talking to somebody who is trying to rob you? Good communication could be the key to a peaceful outcome many a time.

The first point to keep in mind when you are trying to improve your communication skills is that different people understand or interpret things differently. So, the same things may need to be told differently to some people for them to understand it better. Once you work out the understanding of the person you are dealing with, communication with him becomes so much easier. The better you know a person the better you are able to communicate with him right? This is because you know how he responds to certain words, and you can then use those words to best get the message across clearly.

Did you know that your non verbal communication is just as important as the words you speak? For instance, a good firm handshake could mean all the difference in a business meeting. A firm handshake shows confidence. On the other hand, a weak and limp handshake could tell the person that you are not interested. These are subconscious messages and you need to get conscious of them if you are to make the right impact.

Throughout history we have seen powerful speeches made by leaders, drive the entire nation to war. Churchill’s speeches were popular during the forties, as were John F Kennedy’s in the sixties.

The best that communication skills can do for you is helping you make good contacts in the business world. Nothing is as important to business as the right contacts, and when you have the right communication you make the right contacts. Communication skills will also help you maintain those contacts and to convert chance meetings into business meetings. In business you not only have to sell your product you first have to sell your personality in a sense. If the client is impressed with who you are he will no doubt be interested to know more about what you sell!

Fine-tuning your communication skills will thus help your business a long way. On the personal front, one needs little imagination to understand – you can have better relationships with people around you if you handle communication well.

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