Conflict Resolution

3 Ways to Effective Communication in you Marriage

Kausik Dutta asked: All marriages will have communication problems once in a while. But when poor communication with your spouse becomes a chronic problem, all aspects of your life together can be affected. Read on for some simple communication techniques for common communication issues. Honesty Speaking honestly and openly with your spouse may be the […]

Transformational Leadership

Purification And Truth – The Task Of Light

Julie Redstone asked: Today, there is much darkness that covers events and people on the world stage – in nations where violence is everywhere and no one is safe, in governments where deception is widespread and honesty barely visible, and among groups of people who are willing to hate and blame others who are different […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Building Powerful Creative Tools From Unlikely Materials

Mary McNeil asked: One of the defining characteristics of creativity is its transformational power, the fact that glorious works of art can be created from the most unpromising and unlikely of materials. Those materials don’t get more unlikely than the states of ignorance and disillusionment – two concepts that come ready packaged with strong negative […]

Communicating as a Leader

Business Leadership- Qualities of a Good Leader

Sridhar asked: A leader in any field has to set an example to others, more so in business, he has to be a role model. He should inspire confidence in others. He should be cool and unflinching in a crisis. A leader should be supremely self confident. He should be able to recognize the talent […]

Leadership Mistakes

MLM Training- 3 Powerful Truths to Massive Home Business Success

Doug Firebaugh asked: MLM Training- The 3 Most Powerful Truths to Home Business Success Everyone seems to want to succeed in their life. And many get aboard the home business train. There are a a lot of people that have become wealthy in a home business, and many more that have not. Seems that after […]

Feedback and Rewards

Where Have All the Honest Managers Gone?

Bob Selden asked: Copyright © 2007 The National Learning Institute I well remember as a young bank clerk many years ago, sitting at my desk one morning. Around me were the sounds of hustle and bustle of a busy office – people were sipping their coffee (in those days it was instant!) opening the mail […]

Women in Leadership

5 Simple Steps to a Super Attitude

Inez Ng asked: />Lately I’ve been on a binge of reading leadership books, and I have just finished “Today Matters” by John C. Maxwell. In the book, he talks about the 12 daily practices that anyone can adopt to guarantee success, and the very first practice he discusses is choosing the right attitude daily. If […]