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MLM Training- 3 Powerful Truths to Massive Home Business Success

Doug Firebaugh asked:

MLM Training- The 3 Most Powerful Truths to Home Business Success

Everyone seems to want to succeed in their life. And many get aboard the home business train. There are a a lot of people that have become wealthy in a home business, and many more that have not.

Seems that after nearly 23 years in this industry, things have changed a lot- but then…things have changed very little.

Technology has really created wave of change in the home business and Network marketing arena. New ways to do things and new ‘toys” to do them with have all of the industry abuzz.


Video players.


Web 2.0

Social websites.



Website acceleration.

And the list almost seems to be endless. But the interesting thing is that although the industry has improved dramatically with technology, some other things remain the same. We can now tell our story in a nano-second with having a podcast to listen to. We can create 1000 new contacts a day with the right social site. It really has enhanced the ability for a home business owner to move into a more focused arena like never before. And this enhances dramatically every other part of your business and life.

But there are some things that have been constant, and will never change.

Relationships will never change as network marketing and home business are very relationship driven.

Honesty will never change as that is what people are looking for, and if you are not that, you will not last long in this industry as you will be found out.

Leadership will never change as the secret to this business is Leadership Development.

But there are 3 things that we have found that are powerful in your home business success that most do not teach. They are very interrelated to what you do on a daily basis, and to your Success.

Yes, the basics will never change, and neither will the success foundation for your home business. But we need to expand and embrace new thinking in order to expand your home business like you want to.

So lets take a look at the three most powerful truths to home business success.

1) You are going to spend much of your time initially fighting frustration and discouragement. Get over it. Accept it. And move past it.

Most people that start a home business have never done it before. And what happens is they make all the freshman mistakes. They expect it to be easy, and find it does require work. They believe that everyone will be interested but find out that many are not- at least initially. They think they can get a couple of customers or distributors and whammo! They get rich.

Does not quite happen like that. What can you do about it? Understand that you must be willing to be bad for a season, and totally mess up at times, to grow and become GREAT at this for the rest of your life. You will stub your toe. You will say the wrong things. You will lose prospects for no reason. But that is just the way it is. People will always be people and you will find that they may say things that do not honor your dreams. But that is ok.

Whoever is controlling your emotions, is controlling your business.

2) There are 2 types of hours in your home business. Molding Hours and Golden Hours. One is for molding you for Success. The other is for striking Gold in your business. You need both to Succeed.

You MUST have a PDT. This is a Personal Development Time. You must carve out a time that you work as hard on YOU as you work this business. Listen to CDs, watch Success DVDs, and read Leadership books, and pour into you the good, the powerful, the mighty. Let the Success of others teach you and accelerate your Success.

The Golden Hours are the hours you work for PROFITS- not wages. Wages will always earn you a living. But profits will make you wealthy over time. Make sure you have these hours PLANNED, PENNED, and PLACED so nothing will distract you form working your business. Every hour that you work your MLM home business has a thousand times earning potential then your job. You must realize that. And if you do this business right- you will earn 150-200.00 an hour starting off. Make sure you strike GOLD in your home business, not settle for chump change.

3) It’s about 3 things for initial Success in your Network Marketing Home Business…Ambition, Consistency, and Refusal.

Ambition is the Power of the Push. That is what pushes you to do the things in life you never thought you could, and do them over and over. It is the Force in the face. You can see it in their eyes that they will not be denied, and when people see that, they are drawn towards that. It is the Fire in the Heart. And people will want to do business with you as they are drawn towards someone that is going places, and taking people with them.

Consistency is key. The “Secret CODE” to Success in a home business is “Consistency Of Daily Effort.” It is the DAILY do that creates the daring new. No matter what you are feeling or have been going through, KEEP ON TRACK. Do not let distractions keep you from action. KEEP pushing. Keep Dialing. Keep Doing.

Refusal is a MUST. Many times it is not what you REACH for that matters, but what you Refuse instead. Refuse to lose. Refuse to quit. Refuse to listen to negative people. Refuse being average. Refuse being mediocre. Refuse anything except the dream that you have in your heat. Refuse anything but Greatness. People will want to do business with you, as they love doing business with a winner.

Many times, it is not what you are fighting for that matters as much as what you are fighting against.

When you have these three things in your home business, Ambition, Consistency, and Refusal, you will find that people respond more positively to you, people listen more intently, and people will be more willing to go to the next step in the whatever process you use for your home business and Network Marketing MLM Success.

Study these three truths again, and make them a part of who you are in this business. If you do, you will have a much easier time with your journey.

These three powerful Truths, are eye openers and realizations that you may have had, that can create a Success in your Home Business and Network marketing business much quicker and more powerfully.


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