Communicating as a Leader

Business Leadership- Qualities of a Good Leader

Sridhar asked:

A leader in any field has to set an example to others, more so in business, he has to be a role model. He should inspire confidence in others. He should be cool and unflinching in a crisis. A leader should be supremely self confident. He should be able to recognize the talent of his subordinates should harness it to the growth of his organization.

A leader has to be a good listener. Communication is extremely important for the smooth running of any business. The leader should be easily accessible. He should device new ways and means to communicate with others. Without good communication skills, it is impossible to become a good leader.

A leader has to be a fast learner. He should also be a skilled manager. He should be able to spot talent and nurture it. He should be able to take risk.

Honesty and integrity are extremely important for any good leader. A leader has to be pragmatic has to change with the roles he has to play. A leader has to know what is going on and should be able to sort out any problem his team is facing. He has to instinctively know the necessities of the team and try to fulfill it.

The leader should choose team members who can complement each others skills. The leader has to fulfill the needs of the employees as well as that of the management.

A leader has to look after the needs of his team and stand by them. A leader should not get discouraged by criticism. He has to listen to various views and take the best decision in the interest of the organization.

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