Transformational Leadership

Team Building Games Are Valuable Tools

Art Gib asked: Teams are valuable because of their ability divide and conquer large tasks in an efficient and creative way. Everyone wants their teams to be strong and unified, but they need to be diverse too. In the best teams, team members are able to understand each other and work together without losing their […]

Conflict Resolution

Finding Time: Utilize Time Conflicts With Coworkers as Strategic Opportunities

Paula Eder asked: Finding time may seem to depend on full consensus between you and your coworkers. But probably differences exist between how you and they relate to punctuality, planning and procrastination. Sometimes these differences seem light years apart, threatening to stall progress on essential projects. However, you can learn how to utilize this to […]

Communicating as a Leader

Better Communication Skills — Three Tips for Conference Calls

Tom O\’Dea asked: The conference call has been a way of life in business for many years now.  So why are so many frustrating, ineffective calls being held every day?  This simple list of reminders is intended to help keep conference calls from becoming wasted time.  No multi tasking — I’ve been guilty on this […]

Leadership Mistakes

Effective Leadership Traits That Will Make Your Company Successful

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Your leadership traits will tell the manner in which you will lead your followers. Effective leadership traits will make that company successful. Leadership traits will convince voters, wins negotiations and overcomes objection. Leadership should have the potential to lead others to accomplish goals. Leadership traits build excellence but do not command […]

Improving Team performance

Improve Employee Performance by Emphasizing Performance Benefits for Employees

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: Consider this scenario. You are planning for your next staff meeting, where you intend to discuss performance improvement. You have already identified several things your employees need to do to improve performance. These include: 1. Meet deadlines for delivering products or services 2. Meet deadlines for providing information to others 3. […]


The 4 Steps of Traditional Success Programs

Noah St. John asked: I’m about to save you thousands of dollars, years of your life, and tons of frustration. How? I’m going to show you the 4 basic steps of traditional success programs. There are really only 4 steps that traditional “how to succeed’ programs show you. They are: 1. Set your goals (know […]