Communicating as a Leader

Better Communication Skills — Three Tips for Conference Calls

Tom O\’Dea asked: The conference call has been a way of life in business for many years now.  So why are so many frustrating, ineffective calls being held every day?  This simple list of reminders is intended to help keep conference calls from becoming wasted time.  No multi tasking — I’ve been guilty on this […]


The Writing Club

Anidhanta asked: Typically when falling asleep in bed at night great thoughts enter the mind, long stringed and meaningful sentences trip over each other to receive attention at the front of the brain alongside all the brilliant findings, results, meanings that speak volumes and hard hitting phrases that are just the ticket to open the […]

Micro Management

Forget your Troubles and Get Happy

Beth & Lee McCain asked: Could it be that easy with the Law of Attraction? When you forget your troubles and just get happy the Universe is going to bring exactly what you are focusing on and that would be happiness, right? So how do you forget your troubles when life seems to be riddled […]

Leadership Styles

Excerpt From The Art Of Managing: Environment

Jane Treber Macken asked: Our environment and relationships in our life affect who we are today. Up until we begin school, our families have the biggest influence on our lives. Our basic personalities are formed by the age of three, and we develop into little human beings by the age of six. Once we begin […]