Leadership Mistakes

Effective Leadership Traits That Will Make Your Company Successful

Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

Your leadership traits will tell the manner in which you will lead your followers. Effective leadership traits will make that company successful. Leadership traits will convince voters, wins negotiations and overcomes objection. Leadership should have the potential to lead others to accomplish goals.

Leadership traits build excellence but do not command excellence. To achieve excellence, you should be a leader having good qualities. A leader must be of good character. Your leadership should honestly perform the tasks and set an example for his or her followers. The leader should set a goal for the organization and strive hard to achieve it. An important leadership trait of a good leader is the flexibility to changes without compromising his or her morale principles.

It should be most adaptive to any change in the organization. Leadership should be able to build to motivate and inspire the followers to reach common goals. Your leadership should keep on motivating the followers to accomplish the desired task. It should guide the followers in the right direction. Leadership should be such, that it energizes and activates the followers. It should develop enthusiasm and passion among its followers to achieve the desired goal. It should be aggressive and risk taking to accomplish certain tasks. 

It should be practical and be comfortable with criticism low Leadership should demonstrate a determination to achieve the required goal of the organization. Your leadership should instill sense of responsibility among your followers. It should train your employees as a team. Your leadership should ensure that job to be done by the employees is well understood and supervised. His or her leadership should be a source of enthusiasm. Your leadership should not be emotional and should not hesitate to take tough decisions. Your leadership should be tolerant and should handle stress and frustration effectively. Overall, a leader should have the maturity to handle anything in an organization.

It should have the dominance, positive attitude and assert ness to overcome any obstacles. It must be optimistic and should be open to any change. Your leadership should inculcate a soaring standard of excellence among its followers. It should make timely decisions. Leadership should be compassionate but should also take tough decisions at the right time. It should also listen to its followers patiently if they want to give any suggestion regarding the task allocated to them. Leadership should try to develop a friendly relationship with its followers. That is, it should develop a team spirit. It should have the self-confidence to guide anyone who is going wrong. It should be unaffected by failures or prior mistakes. It should always look out for the welfare of its employees and keep them well informed.

It should employ candidates according to its capabilities. Your leadership should take responsibility for your wrong actions. It should also seek self-improvement. It should also be technically profient. Your leadership should at times be offensive if your follower is not at all listening to you.  At times, it should arouse emotions to captivate and unite them to achieve the desired purpose.

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