Transformational Leadership

Emotional Intelligence: Impact on the Bottom Line

Byron Stock asked: howed that the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence skills are quantifiable.(1) This true story illustrates the impact on the bottom line. Joe’s Story Joe (not his real name) is the Director of Engineering for a company that invents methods to improve oil extraction and refining processes, then leases the patents on those […]

Traits of a Leader

Eleven Essential E's for Achieving Success

Prof.M.S.Rao asked: “Everyone thinks of changing the world. But no one thinks of changing himself”, Tolstoy. Personality development is a cluster of various traits such as attitude, aptitude, ability, awareness, character, courage, confidence, creativity, logical thinking and analysis, reasoning abilities, sense of humor, self analysis, self-motivation, self-discipline and self-confidence. There is a no clear cut […]

Communicating as a Leader

Snapshot Management: Leaders Under the Spotlight Use Emotional Intelligence

Reldan S Nadler, Psy.D asked: Emotional Intelligence has been found to be the critical success factor for leaders when compared with their Intelligence (IQ) and technical expertise. The further a leader goes up in an organization the more they need Emotional Intelligence. Emotionally Intelligent leaders know and manage themselves well and understand and manage others […]


Speaking Skill:a Success Mantra

M.RAMAKRISHNA CHARY asked: SPEAKING SKILL: A SUCCESS MANTRA ‘Communicate or Perish’ that happens to be the new success mantra in the present day competitive world irrespective of the nature and domain of one’s work. Academic intelligence having its base mostly on bookish knowledge has lost its earlier supremacy in fetching one’s chosen vocation. Concepts like […]

Leadership Styles

Women, Leadership and Personality: Insights Form the Myers-briggs Type Indicator

Sarah Cooper asked: The MBTI is extensively used for leadership development training and coaching in companies all over the world. Based on psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of personality types, for more than 50 years it has been the most widely used psychometric instrument for understanding normal personality differences. How does the MBTI work? The MBTI […]

Improving Team performance

Mediocre Performance in Elite Athletes: Long-term Benefits of Mental Preparation

Olivia Hunt asked: Two of the world’s most influential people and leaders who constantly debate about EQ and IQ was Plato and Aristotle. The Roots and Branches of Psychology: Historical and Contemporary Views on Human Nature and Psychology written by Griffin (2004) discussed about the early debates about psychology or what was once called human […]

Conflict Resolution

Amp Up Your Empathy

Sandra Prior asked: There are certain items a woman knows she needs in her wardrobe of life skills: ambition, independence, fearlessness, self-belief, a sense of fun. But she will get more ‘wear’ out of these if she also has empathy – a classic that should never go out of fashion. Empathy is the ability to […]