Feedback and Rewards

Team Building Disciplines: to Inspire Motivated and Results Oriented Teams

Bob Urichuck asked: leader, are you inspiring, motivated and results oriented? Maybe you are because you love what you are doing because you are doing what you want to be doing – Team Building. Somewhere along the way you made a decision, you took control of the things under your control, got to know yourself, […]

Traits of a Leader

Eleven Essential E's for Achieving Success

Prof.M.S.Rao asked: “Everyone thinks of changing the world. But no one thinks of changing himself”, Tolstoy. Personality development is a cluster of various traits such as attitude, aptitude, ability, awareness, character, courage, confidence, creativity, logical thinking and analysis, reasoning abilities, sense of humor, self analysis, self-motivation, self-discipline and self-confidence. There is a no clear cut […]