Transformational Leadership

Emotional Intelligence: Impact on the Bottom Line

Byron Stock asked: howed that the benefits of developing Emotional Intelligence skills are quantifiable.(1) This true story illustrates the impact on the bottom line. Joe’s Story Joe (not his real name) is the Director of Engineering for a company that invents methods to improve oil extraction and refining processes, then leases the patents on those […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

What It Takes To Live A Creatively Productive Life

Mary McNeil asked: If you want to lead an existence which is not just rich in creative thought, but which also produces regular and recognized creative output, you need to design your life so that it supports your creativity. As the writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer observes: “The artist’s life is simply an ordinary human life […]


How to Use your Right Brain When you Cold Call – Unlock the Power of your Right Brain for Cold Calling Success!

Ari Galper asked: Do you struggle with the process of cold calling? For many of us, it’s a grueling experience. That’s because we try to carry on a conversation from a rigid, linear place. We’re trying to follow a strategy or a script. Thus, when it comes to having a relaxed and enjoyable cold calling […]