Feedback and Rewards

How Do I Motivate My Employees?

Alex Lopes asked: Have you ever watched those horse races where all the horses are on field sprinting towards the finish except for one who simply won’t leave the stable? The jockey can do all he or she wants, but that horse is not going anywhere. Now think about your position as a manger. Do […]

Improving Team performance

Team Building For Your Business

Naz Daud asked: For most successful businesses, team building is crucial because it enables the managers and owners to build relationships with their employees. Team building improves a business’ profitability in many different ways. It helps the organization’s staff members to get to know each other and interact better. They learn to value their contribution […]

Transformational Leadership

Constructing Effective Work Groups

Melissa Vokoun asked: The value of work groups to accomplish complex projects achieve company goals is now widely accepted. Few would argue that teams are the best way to approach both short and long term projects. But who should make up these teams to maximize their effectiveness? Putting together a winning team is like orchestrating […]