Micro Management

Poker Bankroll Management and Opm

Marty Smith asked: The most common error with new online poker players is bankroll management. That generally relates to playing in a game or tournament with too much of their poker bankroll at risk at any one game. This may be a shocker for you new players, but if you have just deposited $100 and […]

Transformational Leadership

Why NFL Players Switch Teams

Stacey Day asked: What would make an NFL player switch to another team after he’s played with the same one for years? There could be many reasons for this. First of all, one reason could be for money. Another team may like how well a player performs and want him for their own team. They […]

Improving Team performance

Team Building For Your Business

Naz Daud asked: For most successful businesses, team building is crucial because it enables the managers and owners to build relationships with their employees. Team building improves a business’ profitability in many different ways. It helps the organization’s staff members to get to know each other and interact better. They learn to value their contribution […]