Improving Team performance

Team Building For Your Business

Naz Daud asked: For most successful businesses, team building is crucial because it enables the managers and owners to build relationships with their employees. Team building improves a business’ profitability in many different ways. It helps the organization’s staff members to get to know each other and interact better. They learn to value their contribution […]

Communicating as a Leader

Creating a Strong Sense of Community Through Fort Worth’s Neighborhood Initiatives

Shawn Kohan asked: Fort Worth is one of those cities that people remember long after visiting. And it is certainly a city that inspires talk of relocation. Perhaps it is because of its gorgeous surroundings, including its bustling, vibrant downtown area and diverse neighborhoods. Or perhaps it is because of its strong economy, its outstanding […]

Feedback and Rewards

11 Keys to Motivating, Managing, and Inspiring Your Employees

Colleen Kettenhofen asked: Ultimately, your employees will do what they see you doing. In this difficult economy, leadership excellence is more important than ever. The business environment is more competitive. Employees, business owners, managers and supervisors must perform at top capacity and produce maximum results. What are the core competencies necessary for being an effective […]