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Team Building For Your Business

Naz Daud asked:

For most successful businesses, team building is crucial because it enables the managers and owners to build relationships with their employees. Team building improves a business’ profitability in many different ways. It helps the organization’s staff members to get to know each other and interact better. They learn to value their contribution to the growth of the company and in turn, the working environment is enhanced as problems are more easily solved.

Team Building also enables the staff to learn, use and enjoy good practices at work. There are many other ways on how team building can help improve an organization, but what is important to know right now, is what do we have to do, to make our team building exercises successful?

Most businesses prefer a team-based or horizontal organizational structure. Many people view it as the most effective in building a strong business environment. Team building is crucial for such kinds of business structures especially if your business strives for continuous improvement and best quality. Team building performs an important role in achieving this.

If you are planning to build a team it is important that you make sure to lay out your expectations. What do you want to achieve in conducting such team building exercises? You must clearly state what you want out of your team building activities and share it with your staff. They must understand what the exercise is all about and what is expected of them, or the game might fail and nobody will benefit.

Do your staff members know their purpose or goals in the business, and do they even understand the organization’s goals, mission, vision, values, and principles? Do they understand your business goals and how to help you attain them? These factors are important in every organisation. Even if you have already carried such a programme in the distant past, you should refresh their minds and create games or activities that will help them remember the company goals, and be able to move forward in unison.

Commitment is an important thing aspect to focus on. During team building, there must be an activity wherein the staff members are encouraged to commit to each other, the business and / or the organization. They must not only be able to remember the mission and purpose, but they must also be able to feel fully involved. If your staff is committed to attaining the business goals of the company then you are one step closer to achieving them.

If you can get them excited about the vision and purpose for the future then you have achieved yet another step in the process. One way to accomplish this is to offer incentives so that they too have their own goals to strive for. You have to find a way of achieving and sharing goals / dreams together.

In planning your team building, it’s crucial to consider factors like competence, character, and control. Does the business involve each and every staff member in the company? Do the employees feel that they have a say in the company? Does each team member feel that they are well represented in the company?

It is a good idea for each person to have mini tasks to perform that help the team overall to achieve the end results. Each team must have projections on their own contributions, and work such that they can complete their task in a timely fashion. At the same time, they must have enough freedom to do their task the way they think will be most effective.

There are other important factors that businesses must consider when planning team building exercises such as collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, coordination, and cultural change among many others.

If you can include all these factors, and each team member feels not only part of the team, but an important part of the company, then the team building exercise will have been worthwhile.

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