Defining Leadership

Leadership Secret – a Key to Leadership Success

Jason Osborn asked: If you are a leader or desire to be a leader, there will be times in your life that define you as such. Leaders are people who dare to take on the challenges and tasks that most people never will. That’s why people will be willing to follow you. They will see […]

Communicating as a Leader

Top 7 Things Great Leaders Do

Annette Phillips asked: Leaders all have different qualities but there are at least 7 qualities that are common to all leaders. If you want to be someone that people look up to and trust you can develop these qualities in yourself to strengthen your team and your business. The first trait that all leaders share […]

Leadership Mistakes

Successful Leaders are Inspired

Donald Yates asked: I used to have a little male doxie dog that was as fast as a greyhound. I also had two female doxies and the male ran the females ragged. Talk about a leader, this little dog eared boy would take off running the length of the house with the females trying to […]