Communicating as a Leader

Change Your Communication Technique

Ann Golden Egle asked: It’s May. Before you experience spring’s new burst of growing and before summer’s warmth massages your heart, it’s time to get your head back around the prospect of making the last seven months of this year more about effectiveness than ever before. How do you snap back into the productivity gear? […]


How to Activate your Team

Karen Kay asked: I Heard a new twist on this term recently. Maybe my head’s been in the sand, but I had never heard the word “activate” in regard to a person. I love it! Light bulbs went off big time for this in relation to my team building site. Here’s the thing: Members of […]

Defining Leadership

Leadership Secret – a Key to Leadership Success

Jason Osborn asked: If you are a leader or desire to be a leader, there will be times in your life that define you as such. Leaders are people who dare to take on the challenges and tasks that most people never will. That’s why people will be willing to follow you. They will see […]