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Top 7 Things Great Leaders Do

Annette Phillips asked:

Leaders all have different qualities but there are at least 7 qualities that are common to all leaders. If you want to be someone that people look up to and trust you can develop these qualities in yourself to strengthen your team and your business.

The first trait that all leaders share is that they are continually learning. They never assume they have arrived and that they know it all. They are always learning and asking questions and growing. The more they learn the more they realize they don’t know so they continue seeking more knowledge. Leaders are never threatened by those around them who may have more knowledge in an area. They will place those people strategically to make the most of their knowledge and help each individual reach their highest potential.

Leaders are people who serve others, in business, in the community and in their families. You will see them reaching out and getting involved in things that matter most. They will serve those around them and always do what is best for the group as a whole. Leaders are not afraid to dig in with the group and do any part of the job that needs doing. They are not too big to do the small things.

The third trait of a great leader is their positive attitude. They will see each problem as something to be learned from. They will meet each challenge with energy and the knowledge that they will make this into something positive and successful. Even if they are feeling a bit down true leaders will exhibit a positive attitude to those around them. Just the positive energy goes a long way toward success.

Leaders always believe in those around them. In addition to getting to know people well enough to place them in the right positions for their maximum benefit, they also encourage people to go beyond their comfort zone and grow and be the best they can be every day. Leaders never let others decide for them how they will react to a person or situation. They assess each situation for themselves and honestly encourage each person to fulfill their potential. Leaders work smart but utilizing everyone’s potential.

The fifth trait of a great leader is that they are balanced people in every area of their lives. They are not work-a-holics, nor do they shirk their duty off on others. They have a good sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. They know their own worth but they have no need to brag about it.

A Leader’s response to each situation is balanced because they do not make decisions based on half the information. They make decisions based on all the information available. Great leaders are honest and accept responsibility and blame without excuses. Leaders see themselves responsible a great majority of the time because they are responsible for the group. They are not afraid to let people take them blame, but they are willing to share the blame when it is warranted. Leaders are not afraid to take disciplinary action if needed.

Leaders are very creative people who see life as an adventure and each new challenge as something to look forward to with eagerness. They are secure with themselves. They do not need anything from outside themselves because they know they did their best every time. Leaders get involved. They do not avoid people but rather they get involved with people and learn about them so that they can learn from the successes and failures of the past. Leaders are also flexible, not only accepting change, but anticipating it as well.

The seventh trait of a great leader is that in addition to being balanced and not fanatical about any one thing, they also feed every part of their being. They focus daily on that physical, mental, spiritual and emotional part of their lives. Someone who lives on coffee or soda to keep them going may be a leader for a while but the stress will get to them and they will crack. A true leader in conscious of their health on a daily basis and will renew every area of their lives to maintain that balance and be able to lead and give back to those around them.

Great leaders with strong characters may exhibit other traits than the ones mentioned here as each is individual, but long term successful leaders will exhibit each of the seven traits I have discussed here as well. You can develop these traits if you do not already possess them. Concentrate on developing new habits until you possess each of these traits and you will become someone that others want to be like and want to be around. You will become the example.

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