Feedback and Rewards

Motivation Equation And Orientation

Kurt Mortensen asked: When we break motivation down to its most fundamental level, it’s either inspiration-oriented or desperation-oriented. Whatever action we take, we are moving either toward something we favor or away from something we disfavor. The majority of the world uses desperation as a motivator. Desperation is like a cattle prod forcing you to […]

Conflict Resolution

How To Build Your Self-Confidence At Work

Paul Hata asked: Many people wish they felt more secure about their abilities on the job. In other words, they’re looking for increased self-confidence when it comes to performing the work, dealing with coworkers, and handling tough situations. If you’re one of these people, you’re not alone. What can you do to feel more self-assured […]

Communicating as a Leader

Top 7 Things Great Leaders Do

Annette Phillips asked: Leaders all have different qualities but there are at least 7 qualities that are common to all leaders. If you want to be someone that people look up to and trust you can develop these qualities in yourself to strengthen your team and your business. The first trait that all leaders share […]

Problem Solving

Finding Extra Courage Will Explode Your Home-based Business

William Winch asked: People who own their own home-based business in network marketing know that it takes a lot of extra courage to make things happen. When you no longer have to punch a time clock for someone else, you have to be responsible for your own actions by being accountable to yourself as an […]