Fear and the Success Mindset

Anthony Mora asked: Generally I write about public relations and marketing, about tools that can help build a successful business.  But you can have the best tools available and if your approach or mindset is skewed, you’ll never reach your goal.  During tough economic times, fear is omnipresent and we can either give into it, or […]

Micro Management

Stuart Learns That Micromanaging Spells Disaster!

Olivia Stefanino asked: Stuart had built up his electrical contracting company over five years – and was disappointed to find that the staff he had recruited did not seem to share his enthusiasm for the job. I asked Stuart to describe his company structure – and it became clear that right from the early days, […]

Transformational Leadership

Why Practice Corporate Team Building?

Art Gib asked: If there is one constant in business it is that everything changes. Your business success is based upon a total team effort. The District of Columbia is a hub of business and commerce and therefore the team building in DC you choose to strengthen your team is essential to your bottom line. […]

Women in Leadership

Direct Sales Tips: What Do Women Want?

Jane Deuber asked: Surely you’ve noticed. Go to any company recruiting or training event or attend any national convention and without a doubt, you will see… women are the driving force behind the direct selling industry. Now before anyone gets uncomfortable or moves on to the next article, let us recognize that men, without question, […]

Defining Leadership

Strategic Leadership Focuses Your Strategic Planning

Donna Price asked: Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ. Visit local bookstores or check on line to see hundreds of books claiming to have the secrets to a successful business and easy strategic planning. Technology and the Internet has forced […]

Traits of a Leader

The Key to Success in Your Home Internet Business

Linda Stokes asked: As a coach and mentor in the Network Marketing industry, I’ve worked with literally hundreds of budding entrepreneurs.  In each and every case, one trait seems to stand out in those who succeed in their business and it’s the one trait missing in those who fail.  Some might think that trait is […]