Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Being Creative and Encouraging Innovation in Your Business

Alicia Fruin asked: When running your own small business, we are often called to be creative and innovative. Without this ability, I have discovered it is nearly impossible to be successful, let alone stay afloat. This innovative and creative spirit is especially important to small business owners because they do not have the kind of […]

Feedback and Rewards

What are the Three Keys to Self-Improvement and Motivation?

Leon Edward asked: Effectively succeed in the most important factors for self improvement and motivation for small business owners. You will accomplish more in less time when you focus on three of the most important factors. 1) INSPIRATION You need inspiration to keep you motivated and intent on improving yourself. If you are not as […]


Finish Your Book With Nine Easy Solutions

Earma Brown asked: Many speakers, consultants, and small business owners alike feel confident with communicating their message orally. They can spout their message in an elevator speech with the accuracy of a scientist. But when it comes to putting it on paper, some grown men & women end up crying like a baby. Through speaking […]

Defining Leadership

Strategic Leadership Focuses Your Strategic Planning

Donna Price asked: Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ. Visit local bookstores or check on line to see hundreds of books claiming to have the secrets to a successful business and easy strategic planning. Technology and the Internet has forced […]