Feedback and Rewards

Developing your Business: Creating your Core Team 1

Linda Pollitt asked: Although many small businesses begin with only one or two members of staff – the founders – most growing businesses quickly recognise the need to create a larger team. Not only can this spread the workload but a well-selected team can bring in more energy, creativity, drive and knowledge than the founder […]

Micro Management

Stuart Learns That Micromanaging Spells Disaster!

Olivia Stefanino asked: Stuart had built up his electrical contracting company over five years – and was disappointed to find that the staff he had recruited did not seem to share his enthusiasm for the job. I asked Stuart to describe his company structure – and it became clear that right from the early days, […]

Communicating as a Leader

Top 7 Mistakes That People Make When Communicating

Sean Klonaris asked: Many people who prepare to speak do so by focusing on the wrong things and as a result waste a lot of time and energy without seeing fast results and improvement. Below are 7 mistakes to look out for when delivering your message in any arena or situation. 1. Many communicators are […]