Improving Team performance

Two Confidence Killers That Sabotage Peak Performance

Patrick Cohn asked: There are two bad habits that many athletes today engage in – and they do it without even thinking about it. The habits I’m talking about are *not* drinking or smoking. The two bad habits I am talking about, which kill confidence are: 1. Setting unrealistic expectations 2. Engaging in self-doubt I […]

Leadership Mistakes

Leadership Tips — What's a B Player?

Tom O\’Dea asked: Introduction  Leadership responsibilities include dealing with the reality that people contribute and perform at different levels, and that leaders must recognize and reward people accordingly.   With innovation and change at the heart of competitive success, we all need people who take risks and challenge the status quo.  But if all we had […]

Communicating as a Leader

Communicating Goals

Mark Shead asked: Leaders recognize that in order to lead effectively they need to give their followers success. Some leaders are concerned that if they reveal their goals to their subordinates there is the possibility that they might miss the goals. The leaders are concerned that they might lose credibility if this happens. While this […]