Leadership Mistakes

Leadership Tips — What's a B Player?

Tom O\’Dea asked: Introduction  Leadership responsibilities include dealing with the reality that people contribute and perform at different levels, and that leaders must recognize and reward people accordingly.   With innovation and change at the heart of competitive success, we all need people who take risks and challenge the status quo.  But if all we had […]

Communicating as a Leader

Flirting Body Language: Art of Non-verbal Communication asked: Body language is the way of sending signals to the other person by the way you walk, talk, and project your energy. Body language is all about your presence, i.e. the EFFECT you are making on other person’s mind. Women are attracted to the man who knows what he wants and is confident […]

Defining Leadership

Executive Coaching: A Leadership Development Tool for Top Performers

Gayle Lantz asked: “Coaching” used to be a popular approach for derailing executives or professionals whose performance needed a lot of work. Got a problem? Get a coach. However, increasingly, coaching is being sought by some of the most successful executives in their field – those who want to get even better at their business […]