How to Become a Successful Inspirational Speaker on Professional Development

Ranju Kumar asked: Have you always dreamed of being a successful inspirational speaker on professional development? There are a large number of people who have had this dream and succeeded at it. Individuals like John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and Jim Rohn are all motivational speakers on professional development. These individuals, and others […]

Improving Team performance

High Performers Versus Low Performers – 7 Ways to Tell the Difference

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: What’s the difference between a high-performer and low-performer?  That question occurred to me after reading findings from the company Leadership IQ.  Out of 16,237 employees, only 3,896 self-identified as high-performers!  If you move beyond the shocking realization that everyone did not label themselves as high-performers, you might come to the realization […]