Conflict Resolution

Is Workplace Conflict Destructive or Creative?

Wayne Messick asked: Whenever you work with people, conflict is inevitable. The tension created by daily conflict either results in wasted time, decreased productivity, and poor decisions or the sort of internal competition that pushes each individual to do their best, if for no other reason that convince their coworkers that they can do it. […]

Leadership Styles

Leadership Training: How to Motivate & Increase Your Employees' Want-to-cooperate Factor

Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman asked: Are you a leader trying to get your coworkers to change? Then you need to be aware of a basic motivational, psychological truth. People only change when they WANT to. It’s like the little prospector who walked into a saloon, wearing clean new shoes. A big Texan said to his […]


Why Team Building Weekends Fail (And How To Make Yours Succeed)

Brett Danielson asked: Somewhere in the world this afternoon, a group of office mates are strapping on safety equipment and preparing to scale the side of a cliff together. In another city, another group of mates is engaged in a retreat designed to foster their sense of teamwork. Late at night in yet another town, […]

Improving Team performance

High Performers Versus Low Performers – 7 Ways to Tell the Difference

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: What’s the difference between a high-performer and low-performer?  That question occurred to me after reading findings from the company Leadership IQ.  Out of 16,237 employees, only 3,896 self-identified as high-performers!  If you move beyond the shocking realization that everyone did not label themselves as high-performers, you might come to the realization […]